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Dear Brendan and Peter,

I would like to spend some time this week to review the information we have at MTA level,
so that I completely understand the analysis options we have available.

During this exercise we should together walk through the following points.

i) Recap conditions for writing out the pixel list
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    • The classic GetStopStrip() finds the stop strip averaged over the strips in the stop anode times slice first and then +-1 time lices
    • The fStopStrip_stop[5] are averaged stop strip positions, in the time slice closest to the anode time slice, for time slice intervals +- i steps.
      The corresponding bondaries fStripMin/MaxEL_stop[5] give the largest boundaries within +-i steps in time
    • The alternative strip search identifies all strip island which coincide in time with the total time extent of the anode island and finds the boundaries within these islands.
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    • ....

v) Discuss shrub extensions
Anode 1
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