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Dear Brendan and Peter,

I would like to spend some time this week to review the information we have at MTA level,
so that I completely understand the analysis options we have available.

During this exercise we should together walk through the following points.

i) Recap conditions for writing out the pixel list

ii) Go through the data members of TMuStop
I prepared the page
for this purpose.
During this discussion Brendan should also remind us on the improvements since his talk

Update. I briefly summarize Brendan's improvements as verbally described to us.

  • The group of blue anode pixels are defined in two ways:
    • The original cont definition projects all island EH onto the time axis and then defines cont as contiguous within the projection.
    • The blue or equivalent Bragg definition defines a blue island with a next to next neighbour search and then defines cont parameters within the island found.
  • The stop pixel is found as the left/downstream of pixel blue pixel group connected to the closest blue pixel to the fitted stop position.
  • The tail/head distance is the distance of the nearest blue pixel to the fit stop point.
  • The strip search is done as follows:
    • See http://www.npl.illinois.edu/elog/mucap/analysis-run9to11/536
    • The classic GetStopStrip() finds the stop strip averaged over the strips in the stop anode times slice first and then +-1 time lices
    • The fStopStrip_stop[5] are averaged stop strip positions, in the time slice closest to the anode time slice, for time slice intervals +- i steps.
      The corresponding bondaries fStripMin/MaxEL_stop[5] give the largest boundaries within +-i steps in time
    • The alternative strip search identifies all strip island which coincide in time with the total time extent of the anode island and finds the boundaries within these islands.

iii) Go through the data members of the shrub

iv) Discuss shrub analysis plan

  • Finalize the selection of good runs using the trend plots
  • Use the current shrub information to try to find stable fit conditions wrt gondola effect, start, stop time scans etc
    • head cut variation
    • alternative nContEH definition
    • coincident stop strip definition
    • geoetrical cuts (original l-cut idea)
    • nContEH = 1+ versus 2+
    • comparison with mu+
    • ....

v) Discuss shrub extensions
Anode 1

Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/April2010AnalysisRecap
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