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Dannowitz TWiki Logbook

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October 2012

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Run Summary

  • Started new schema called "summary" that could hold several compilations of information
  • Created a RunSummary table that is identical to the form of the Run tables
  • Wrote a small bash script that fills it with all the rows of the Run tables from all the other run_% schemas

for i in {726..2173}
  mysql -h e906-gat2.fnal.gov -u root --password='[WITHHELD]' summary -e "INSERT INTO RunSummary SELECT * FROM run_00${i}_R001.Run"

Now, one can query to see which sets of runs use a certain type of target, or see which runs used a certain trigger, etc.

CODA Write-Up

Today I began writing up the general structure of these cryptic CODA files so that someone looking to understand it might have a starting resource, as none yet exists.

CODA Write-Up

  -- BryanDannowitz - 2012-02-06
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