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Server Administration

  • Change temp directory for MySQL server at UIUC to "/mnt/raid/tmp" so that it is on the RAID instead of the non-RAID OS HDD.
    NOTE: Attempted, but mysql user could not write to the temp directory even though permissions were identical to previous temp directory's permissions. Try again, ask for help.

    Mapping and Calibration


  • Incorporate new maps into the SVN. Look to Josh's geometry script.


  • Get functional form for calibration from chamber groups (Florian has indicated that he has this).
  • With this, establish table format and use within deCODA


  • eventID structure: keep codaEventID for book keeping, but make eventID auto-increment in a production
  • spillID structure: make spillID auto-increment in a production. Make spillID be NULL-able in Hit and Event tables in case there is no Spill Event in CODA
  • Make the mapping be uploaded to each new schema before decoding -- add to decoding daemon?
  • INSERT a row into the "alert" table when deCODA crashes
  • Enforce ROC 2's vmeTime to be the real vmeTime. How though?
  • Do re-write of deCODA


    Trigger Masking

  • "Smear" hits over several events in the "Mixed" production. Keep record of which events a hit actually came from.
  • Show graphically how the hits "smear". Scatter plot with color-coding.
  • Create look-up table for paddles and wires for the trigger masking
  • Come up with fast, effective query to select hits only corresponding to lit-up hodoscopes (trigger masking).



  • Compare roads from Evan with roads from the dimuon rate study
  • Create trigger simulator. Takes list of roads, spits out with roads lit up in a given event.

    TWiki Management

  • Reformat the TWiki to make it simpler and more robust. Mimic the HERMES Wiki

    -- BryanDannowitz - 2012-02-06

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