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Extraction of the "dead spot" wires

After consulting with Steven, I have determined how the mapping is setup and slightly tweaked the cathode settings
 Based on the Illinois analysis code, it appears the dead spot centered around z = +50 mm, phi = 3 radians corresponds to the following wires and sectors:
Anodes: 2701->2750 (Sectors A2, A1) Inner Cathodes: 3226->3257 (Sectors C9,C10) Outer Cathodes: 3902->3932 (Sectors C21,C22) It is possible that I have made a mistake in the mapping of the cathodes. For this reason, I am verifying my understanding of the defintions in the Illinois analysis code with Steven. I will update this page either way when that takes place.
  • Anodes: 2701->2750 (Sectors A2, A1)
  • Inner Cathodes: 3242->3269
    • wire 3242 has (z=+94 when phi = 2.8 and z=+191 when phi = 3.1)
    • wire 3269 has (z=-78 when phi = 2.8 and z=+19 when phi = 3.1)
  • Outer Cathodes: 3902->3932 (Sectors C21,C22)

  • ePC2 inefficiency:
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