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  • Persons/group who can change the list:

Current PDF files

Please find the current versions here Collection of "Finished" Chapters. Only looking for mistakes:

Peter is uploading scanned copies of his edits here: http://webusers.npl.illinois.edu/~winter/Miscellaneous/Thesis/

List of updates

  • 4/20/2011: Spark
  • 4/19/2011: xyz consistency
  • 4/18/2011: Chapter 4 Intro Cut down the intro to only give an overview (no numbers) of the experimental setup and a few key points. Details to follow in each section.
  • 4/18/2011: Chapter 3 Minor edits from PW comments. Switched the paragraph ordering on mu+ section to motivate it.
  • 4/17/2011: Theory Theory heavy chapters 2,3 and 8 for PK
  • 4/17/2011: Chapter 8 Chapter 8 draft.
  • 4/17/2011: Chapter 3 With references.
  • 4/16/2011: Chapter 1 With PW edits
  • 4/16/2011: Chapter 2 With PW suggestion to clarify Equation (2.14)
  • 4/15/2011: Chapter 2
  • 4/15/2011: Chapters 6-7 Fixed typos in 6 & 7. Added neutron numbers and plot. Fixed some plots/captions. A few TODOs remain:
    • Figure 6.13 text is small, arranging vertically doesn't help. The lambdas are printed on the plot so I can just type them in an array and generate a standard lambda vs Parameter plot.
    • Section 6.3: Anchor discussion with the 120~mm bcut (compared 1 mm diffusion). Also, why is the distribution so broad? Backgrounds?
    • Section 6.7 : need to have entrance inefficiency estimate for here and footnote in chapter 5. Using 10^-5 in that footnote
    • Section 7.5 : position stability. still needs some text. I should say that under finer examination the spread increases, reflecting slight gain variations. Sums should be fine. The Lambda vs N study is a bit tricky to introduce here i think. i could add that by tpc shells in 6.4 and then just show the rebinned values in chapter 7.
  • 4/14/2011: Chapter 5 Had a good meeting with Dave. Updated minor chapter 5 suggestions. Finished 5 + references here:
  • 4/13/2011:
    • mup diffusion Wrote up the mup diffusion section.
    • Chapter 6 Added electron consistency section. Added table summarize cut optimization.
    • Chapter 7 Rerun to be consistent with chapter 7.
    • Appendix B elec def goes with the systematics chapter.
  • 4/12/2011:
    • Chapter 5 Implemented PW revisions. Finished 5.6 with fit explanation. All plots included. Todo notes removed. Tables filled out.
    • Chapter 6 Reworked equations in nCont extrapolation. I think its clearer now. Added PW edits through 6.2.2.

  • 4/11/2011: Flipped 6 and 7. PW , PK and DH please discuss to be on the same page. I think this works more naturally and leave the reader with a good impression that we jumped the hurdles laid out in 6 and arrived at the result in 7
    • Chapter 5 Added most of the remaining plots. Should be close
    • Chapter 6 Through EH interference is somewhat well developed. The other topics that "other collab" will do need attention.
    • Chapter 7 PW has looked at part of this. Still missing some plots. All sections and remaining plots/numbers are marked

    • Chapter 8 Rel unblinding results are presented. The procedure to get to gp is laid out following our PRL and Czarnecki. Refer back to chapter where Lambda_S_theory is reported.
    • References Current list of references.
    • Thesis: Full doc. Chapter 1 and 2 are getting close. A few images left and reformulations but that may come after the edits on thursday. Chapter 3 and 4 need work to implement PK and DH suggestions. I will take a crack at this next to make the voice sound more like the rest of the document, since these chapters were written much earlier and are too verbose.
  • 4/9/2011 : Lots of chapter 7 plots and explanations Chapter 7 update
  • 4/8/2011 : Revisions of chapter 5-7 : Chapter 5-7 I have implemented PW edits on 5 and 6 and the first part of 7. The remaining sections are labeled and some plots are made for those but not yet included.
  • 4/4/2011 : Revision of chapter 1 - Chapter 1 . Implemented updates of DH,PK. Added subsections to guide reader to "tour" of physics. I will make the simplified gp history + simplified gp vs lambda_op plots when I make them properly for chapter 3. A few citations are missing and I might need to add mu2e detector description to match MEG/g-2 style. PK wants some of the summary info moved to muon capture section.
  • 4/2/2011 : Draft of Chapter 5 - Data Analysis Chapter 5. I have implemented many changes after the meeting with Dave. A big issue was making sure I was defining terms before using them (and then using them consistently and not slipping into slang). Check for that. I need to make one or two plots and fill in the table. I think this is mostly done.
  • 4/1/2011 : Draft of Chapter 2 - Weak Interaction Physics Chapter2_ref . I have impletemented DH,PK,PW edits. I have fixed the Feynman diagrams. I have added a draft of the ChPT section, but could see stating that muon capture gives the best access to g_P and then starting a new section
    • Theory predictions
      • g_P PCAC
      • g_P ChPT
      • Lambda_S for singlet
Thinking about the theory stuff is quite involved, so I would like to collect the edits and put them off until the first full pass through the manuscript. I don't think chapter 2 is too far off as it stands.

  • 3/30/2011: Draft of chapter 5. Chapter 5 - Data Analysis I tried to tighten up the language as per DH suggestions for the other chapters. Please read for content, language and note if the topics are appropriate in the body of the manuscript, or if any subset belong in an Appendix. I included a page or two near the end for the appendix and started sketching a potential structure for diverted information (if necessary). I have not carefully read/edited 5.3-5.5.
  • 3/26/2011: Chapter 3 draft . Density choice needs to be moved to the molecular formation section. Chapter3 - Precision Experiments_ref
  • 3/25/2011: Peter Winter notes for chapter 1 implemented Chapter 1 - Introduction_ref.pdf
  • 3/25/2011: References included with each chapter
  • 3/21/2011: Peter Winter notes for chapter 4 implemented
  • 2/23/2011: MuCapFigureRepository
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