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  1. Tim: Neutron consistency plots and comparison to electron and capture recoil time spectra in e-log analysis-run9to11/244
  2. Tom: A calculation for the effect of the applied magnetic field on the TPC charge drift properties in e-log analysis-run9to11/246.
  3. Serdar: G4MuCap v released http://www.npl.illinois.edu/elog/mucap/analysis-run9to11/242 and http://www.npl.illinois.edu/elog/mucap/analysis-run9to11/243.
  1. Brendan: List of outstanding tasks before production:
    • Verify spark cut mechanism (MTDC400, TSparkAnalysis)
    • Double check tpc anode spark finder
    • Double check that all kicker times are found (check kicker/muon assignment)
    • Make sure the parameters are run appropriate

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