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-- PeterWinter - 15 Jan 2008
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  1. Brendan: TODO list prior to next mini production: MiniProd2Run10
  1. Peter: FADC capture events

  1. Sara: Update on NCSA data transfer


MuSun related topics

  1. Capture events with charged particle emission. Follow this link
  2. I would like to go through the "Proposal Related Information", on the proposal page, which contains links to various contributions over the last week. If you have time, please study the links before the meeting. We will link to Tim's MSR note tomorrow.
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    1. start proposal writing on weekend or before, Peter coordinator
    2. Monday night, pass on editor duties to next person
    3. work on theory formulation
  1. Polarization studies from Tim: Polarization studies

  1. Kinetics studies from Volodya:
MuSun kinetics, comparison Sara vs. me, disappearance rate, L_D for two densities, L_D vs. two parameter variation, start time scan, and L_Q/L_D from n time spectrum.
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