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For original documentation see MuCap Webpage (detectors and DAQ).

Here is an update for MuSun.

Chamber geometry



Anode card is N. Bondar's design for CMS, see ePC frontend


Cathode card is G. Petrov's design based on STAR chip, ePC frontend

Unfortunately, we have little documentation of the cathode electroncs.

  • From Genna we only have the Gerbers of the board not the schematics. Sasha will get that from Genna.
  • The LBL SM-SAS chip, if a modfied version of the LBL SAS Star TPC chip, which discharged with a resistor, not with forced reset. The standard SAS version is discussed in SAS paper. Spencer Klein provided the pinout.pdf. The pinout of the cable driving the preamp power, threshold and pulser is documented in compressor_sch.pdf.
  • Update 10/25/2010: Urs Greuter provided us with the schematics. The pcad file is not up-to-ddate (not the produced version). See directory.

Logic readout board

Designed by Louvain (R. Prieels et al). Louvain compressor.
All design info we have is documented here.

Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/MuSunEPC
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