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-- PeterKammel - 19 Jun 2009

Below I started to collect possible contributions for the upcoming meeting at PNPI. Please add your talk title directly in the Twiki page or send it to Peter Winter or myself, so that we can include them. If we can establish a teleconf link the speakers will give the talk, otherwise the substitutes present at Gatchina will show the slides. Please have all remote talks ready by Monday June-29. Claude and Peter will already arrive on Tuesday, Dave and Peter on Wednesday. So we could have some initial discussion on Wednesday and start the "full" meeting on Thursday.

To enjoy the social and cultural part of the meeting, follow this link to Peter Winter's photos.


topic speaker/substitute time (hours)
PNPI09_mucap_update2.ppt: Final analysis: challenges, goals and status Brendan/ PeterW 2
Fred's slides Approval odp Approval ppt    
mu+ (PPT), FADC (PPT) PeterW 1
ppm and Argon analysis pdf,odp: Tim/ PeterK 1
  Sara/ PeterK 1
TPC publication tpc-paper_June19-09.pdf Claude  
Monte Carlo PeterK 0.5
Waveform analysis Rob/Dave 0.5


topic speaker/substitute time (hours)
Run Overview PeterK 0.5
Analysis Serdar/ PeterK 0.5
PNPI developments Sasha  
Monte Carlo discussion 0.5
fall planning discussion 2

New g-2

topic speaker/substitute time (hours)
Overview Dave 1
Beam Peter 0.5
Projects for contributions discussion 1
Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/MuSunPNPI09
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.pdf" attr="" comment="neutron analysis .pdf file" date="1246026526" name="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.pdf" path="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.pdf" size="1085691" stream="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.pdf" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp28312" user="TimGorringe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.odp" attr="" comment="neutron analysis .odp file" date="1246026585" name="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.odp" path="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.odp" size="1134990" stream="neutronAnalysis_pnpi.odp" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp28421" user="TimGorringe" version="1"
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