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-- PeterKammel - 25 Jun 2008

Pulser System

The system overview is sketched in my telconf contribution.

Pulser board (Target)

I sketched the copper artwork on the pulser board in the following pictures. The upper copper area has to be defined by experiment. The dimensions must fit the SMD resistors we are using. If cross coupling is a problem, we could use two boards piggy-backed on each other with pins. The Target sketch is given here for Jon. In order to reduce costs, we should make pulser boards which cover only half of the TPC pad. Some alignment pin holes would be nice.

  • puls1.png:
  • puls2.png:
  • puls3.png:

Pulser board (Mentor)

I have sketched out a version of this in Mentor graphics, adding a mounting point for a capacitor. The resistors and capacitors are all drawn on the board correctly (R0805 and C0805). pulser_1.png shows the board without the generated plane data, and pulser_2.png shows the board with the plane shape data generated.
  • pulser_1.png:
  • pulser_2.PNG:
Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/MuSunPulser
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