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Installing Musun on NPL machines.

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  • Compile mu. Run make in mu/work/. Pay attention to the aformentioned directory structure issues if you get errors.
  • Compile mta in mu/src/uiuc/macros/EventTree. Check the makefile for the proper directory paths and run make.
  • If you get an error concerning md5 checksum mismatch, with the analyzer skipping every block, I've solved it every time by running make clean and then recompiling in mu/, compress/, md5-lib/, and daq/midas/.

Running mu Level Analysis

Input data files (run0XXXX.mid) are processed in miscellaneous modules and Musun Event trees are created (mutreerun0XXXX.root), some histograms (murun0XXXX.root) are also created along with trees. Tree output will be used in mta analysis.

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