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-- PeterKammel - 20 Jun 2008



  • Develop DAQ System with close to 1:1 Matching to Fall run conditions
  • Start developing relevant software based on generated tracks
  • Stress test functioning and limitations

After the inital installation, the UIUC group will continue the work with remote help over the next months.


In discussions with the PNPI group, we decided to slightly reduce the pTPC readout channels to 80, so that they fit with the installed 5 preamp modules of Genna. For the UIUC tests I foresee the following configuration


Hardware tasks

In sequential order from the TPC TPC

  • Cable 1: UIUC (Serdar, PeterW)
  • preamp: Peter ship 4 more from PSI
  • Cable 2: simple twisted pair
  • amp: Peter shit 4 more from PSI
  • Cable 3: poor man's solution twisted pair, later replace by ribbon coax.
  • split: 0.1" rectangular connectors, input impedance 50 or 110 Ohm.
  • Ribbon coax to SMA (UIUC)


  • Pulser board with att (Serdar, Jon)
  • Cable
  • ECL-NIM: Peter ship 2-3 from PSI
  • cable Twisted pair
  • logix box (simple program Peter, Fred)
  • Fred's alternative driver

Peter ship

  • WFD crate with WFD (leave WFD in care for shipping)
  • PeterW ask for empty shipping boxes from storage for next week
  • front end computer (any?), do we have spare optical cable
  • magic box (how to indentify) do we need it?
  • TPC crate ???
  • 2 more Fred FADC??
  • upload cable??
  • misc PSI electronics?
  • Rene trigger???
  • other suggestions?

  • Kevin's plans
  • Fred's plans

MuSun TPC at PSI

Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/MuSunWorkPartyPeter
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