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Rates in 1E10/s
Updated according to Francoise's email. Rates in 1E10/s.

Nucleus E (eV) Lambda_p Ref Lambda_d Ref
N 0.04 3.4 +- 0.7 1 14.5 +-0.2 2
O 0.04 8.5 +- 0.2 3 6.3+-0.5 4

  1. R.~Jacot-Guillarmod, F.~Mulhauser, C.~Piller, L.A.~Schaller, L.~ Schellenberg and H.~Schneuwly: {\bf Muon transfer to low Z elements}, published in {\em E.M.~Cascade and Chemistry of Exotic Atoms}, eds. by L.M.~Simons, D.~Horv\`ath and G.~Torelli, Plenum Press Corp., New--York 1990, p.~223.
  2. Y.-A.~Thalmann, R.~Jacot-Guillarmod, F.~Mulhauser, L.A.~Schaller, L.~Schellenberg, H.~Schneuwly, S.~Tresch and A.~Werthm\"{u}ller: {\bf Muon transfer from excited states of hydrogen and deuterium to nitrogen, neon and argon}, Phys.~Rev.~A {\bf 57} (1998) 1713.
  3. Ref: A.~Werthm\"uller, A.~Adamczak, R.~Jacot-Guillarmod, F.~Mulhauser, L.A. Schaller, L. Schellenberg, H.~Schneuwly, Y.-A.~Thalmann and S.~Tresch: {\bf Energy dependence of the charge exchange reaction from muonic hydrogen to oxygen}, Hyperfine Interactions {\bf 116} (1998) 1.
  4. A.~Werthm\"uller, A.~Adamczak, R.~Jacot-Guillarmod, F.~Mulhauser, C.~Piller, L.A. Schaller, L.~Schellenberg, H.~Schneuwly, Y.-A.~Thalmann and S.~Tresch: {\bf Present status of muon transfer in gaseous mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen}, Hyperfine Interactions {\bf 101/102} (1996) 271.

A second lambda mud->O: 5.5 +- 0.6 was measured in measured in SO2. There is no error given. However, we cite it later on with 10% error. Ref: F.~Mulhauser and H.~Schneuwly: {\bf Muon transfer to sulphur dioxide}, J.~Phys.~B: At.~Mol.~Opt.~Phys.~{\bf 26} (1993) 4307.

Nucleus E (eV) Lambda_p comment Lambda_d comment
N 0.04 3.4 +- 0.7 ref? 14.5 +-0.2 ref?
O 0.04 8.4 +- 0.5 Werthmuller 5.5+-0.5 SO2, Mulhauser?


Interesting new theory papers are the Dupays work on hydrogen isotopic effects on O/N transfer and the follow up work by the Kansas group. From the Dupays paper PRL 93 (2004) 43401 one gets the impression that everything is solved and fine. However, Le and Lin from Kansas State point out that they calculate a much larger p-wave resonance effect for O, inconsistent with Dupays. Moreover, they find that the important p-wave effect is substantially modified by electron screening, an effect ignored by Dupays. There final results for mup->mO transfer is 4.42 compared to the experimental 8.5 E10/s. So the dust has not settled yet.


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