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-- BrendanKiburg - 03 Sep 2006


On Thursday June 8th, Nitrogen was added to the TPC, such that the total mixture contained 20 ppm. This was completed around 16:00 and run 42322 began. Then around 19:30 a sample was taken and the TPC fields were set to 5.45 kV and 29.45 kV. Nitrogen production then commences with run 42343

For completeness, I present the slow control parameters for the nitrogen fill. Obviously the humidity sensor doesn't show anything substantial, but the temperature and flow curves contain useful information.

Data Set Start Run End Run Polarity Start Date Start Time FADC Condition Quality Comment
9 42322 42342 mu- 6/8/2006 16:10:20 HS N2 doped, but TPC p=10.25 G  
10 42343 42530 mu- 6/8/2006 19:46:18 HS N2 doped G  
11 42541 42570 mu- 6/9/2006 15:02:50 LS N2 G  
12 42571 42613 mu- 6/9/2006 20:17:56 LS N2, TPC problems, (qual = N) G  
13 42614 42747 mu- 6/10/2006 1:05:20 LS N2, TPC drawing current, quality unsure G  

  • On Saturday June 10th, the production nitrogen filled stopped and preparations were made for the next measurement.
"At 18:00, Claude and Malte begin to take a second sample of the nitrogen-doped gas for chromatagraphic analysis by the PNPI chemists. Marat then installed the water permeation tube (but did not yet start flowing hydrogen through it).

We waited until about 22:30 for the results of the chemists' analysis, which were in perfect agreement with the first sample. At that point, Marat restarted CHUPS circulation to remove the nitrogen."

The nitrogen calibration data ends at 42570, at whic point the 18:00 sample was taken. From 42571-42590, the TPC was at 5 kV. It was then ramped up, but during the last 130 runs or so, the TPC was drawing current and the operators set the HV to 5300. The trend shows the cleaning curve, but this data isn't part of the nitrogen calibration.

  • Conclusions about impurity data quality...

Info about Samples

Filling Procedure

Claude's Elog about the filling procedure : elog:772 . The calculation shows that 21 +/- 1 ppm of Nitrogen was added.


Sample Taken Previous Run Next Run Polarity Date Time FADC Condition Quality Comment
1 42320 42322_       HS GC: N2 (145 +- 10)ppb, O2 < 1ppb G just prior to nitrogen filling
2 42342 42343       HS GC: (24+-1) ppm, O2 < 1ppm, Filling: (21 +- 1) ppm G  
3 42570 42571       HS GC: perfect agreement with previous measurement G at end of the nitrogen measurement
Please go to https://muon.npl.washington.edu/twiki/bin/view/Main/NitrogenData
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