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-- PeterWinter - 18 Dec 2007

This page will describe in the future all necessary steps, to setup the various analysis tools. -- BrendanKiburg - 18 Dec 2007

************* In progress ****************

You will need to set some environment variables / paths . On your own cluster, you can set them in your .bashrc (or equivalent).

On NCSA, you edit the ~/.soft file and execute
> resoft
to effect changes.

  1. Either set your path to a working version of root (e.g. ROOTSYS = /u/ac/bkiburg/root , LD_LIBRARY_PATH += $ROOTSYS/lib , PATH += $ROOTSYS/bin ) or
  2. Install ROOT on NCSA cluster:
    1. Downloaded source tar for root versions 5.08 from root.cern.ch
      b. tar -xzvf root_v5.08.00.source.tar.gz
      c. cd root
      d. > ./configure linuxicc --enable-shared --enable-thread --disable-ssl
      > make
      > make install

The second option will take several hours to build. If you are trying to install versions later than 5.08.00, you may have difficulty with the --enable-shared and --enable-thread options.

Java 2 SDK:

  1. copy j2sdk-1_4_2_09-linux-i586.bin to home dir from /u/ac/bkiburg/installs/
  2. run the .bin file in the directory where you would like j2sdk installed.
  3. Set JAVA_HOME = $HOME/j2sdk.4.2_09 , PATH += $JAVA_HOME/bin


  1. Set your MIDAS paths to point to a working version (MIDAS_ROOT = /u/ac/bkiburg/midsas-cvs-run8 , MIDAS_HOME = $MIDAS_ROOT , LD_LIBRARY_PATH += $MIDAS_ROOT/linux/lib , PATH += $MIDAS_ROOT/linux/bin )
  2. Set your MIDAS DIR for a place you want associated MIDAS files (SHMS) to be located ( e.g. MIDAS_DIR = $HOME/mucap/mu/work )

or, you can download it from cvs and install it yourself

  1. ROOT must be installed first (and ROOTSYS defined) uses cc in Makefile * compiles fine with this, not with icc
  2. copy mana.c from mu/misc/mana.c to avoid checksum error when analyzing skimmed data.

CVS software

  1. Set CVS_RSH = ssh
  2. Set CVSROOT = your_npl_username@one.npl.uiuc.edu:/site/npl/mucap/cvsroot
  3. > cvs co mu > cd mu/mql/ > make [ There might be some errors, but the importants steps will work ] > cd cd ../work/ > make

Running ./mu and ./mta

ODB settings

**** The following step was necessary to get mql compiled, however mql should be precompiled in cvs ******** jjtree installation (for mql compiling.

  1. copy javacc-4.0.tar.gz to home dir
  2. tar -xzvf javacc-4.0.tar.gz
  3. set your path to point to this_dir/bin
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