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The idea here is to list open questions, outline the proposed method for answering the questions, and prioritize the tasks.

Questions Generated from recent teleconference

  • How does the electron decay vector affect the observed nContEH parameter: elog 154
  • Dave suggests start time scan for midplane gondolas, without nContEH cut. If OEH mustops leak into 1EH mustops, this should disappear at some point and become stable. elog 152

Remain Open

Quality control

  • Put CAEN rollover check into the mu analysis, since area CAEN rollover signal was missing


  • PK asks for 20 min analysis summary presentation for 11/13/2008 to update people currently at PSI about the status of the analysis
  • Repeat the nExEL scan with a cut on the fit to the extra EL pointing/not pointing to the stop
    • This involves setting up some simple 2nd-level tracking to fit the extra pixels
    • Check auxptr and TTwoLine info in the mustop tree (for visualization on event display and observe available chi-square information)
  • Use the event display to examine nExEL >= 16. Are these scatters, sparks, something else?
  • Define the nExEL variable for nIslands > 1 (currently no extra EL pixel information is collected)
    • NExEL for island i = (nExEL - sum EL in all real islands)
    • Consider using IsNotAlone for cuts

Fit Result Stability

  • Peter Winter suggests a similar stop time scan for downward going ones
  • I suggest adding up all upward going guys (1-3, 16->14) and looking for gondola variations
  • Check hypothesis that the decay modifies the nContEH part of the track by making requirements that the Michel is upward going plot: compare plots 1 and 2 here

Gondola z into shrub:

  • Dave suggests that making plots versus theta (or gondola z), rather than just phi
  • gond:dt:nContEH | angle of decay electron (upstream vs downstream)
  • gond:dt:nContEH | angle of decay elec | y_stop height


  • For sara: Given a small abs(theta), look to see if the nCont distribution is different for different y-slices
  • Compare the muplus fits to the muminus
    • i peter refines the 7-parameter fit
    • make use of the par-scan macros
  • make simple, spatial plots (x,y,z vs, nExEL, nContEH)
    • run shrub level [DONE]
    • add to the main mta analysis [NEED TO DO]

Addressed during week of 10/8/2008

  • make simple, spatial plots (x,y,z vs, nExEL, nContEH)
    • y vs nContEH : see this elog and this elog
  • Check hypothesis that the decay modifies the nContEH part of the track by making requirements that the Michel is upward going
    • lambda vs gondola | nContEH : see this elog and this elog

  • Use the event display to examine nContEH >= 8. Are these real or do they have funny topologies?
    • event display for nContEH >= 8: here
  • Resolve the difference between lambda vs nExEL | nContEH = 1 and lambda vs nCont = 1 | nExEL <=18
  • Determine how the head cut is stored
    • Answer: IsTrack() and other oneline fits, etc only stored when el_max - eh_max is small enough

Addressed during week of 10/15/2008

  • Double check the (y,z) distribution with nContEH ; also look at the y distribution where each z slice is normalized, to see if things are truly downward biased
    • Interesting results to both questions in this elog
  • I need to redo the shrubs where the z_electron is the z_tracked back to the tpc frame
    • First results for 1 file: elog
  • Response to Peter's elog estimating the lifetime deviation due to scatters: elog
  • Peter W. asks for cvs update with new shrub additions (best entrance flag, HasBestEntranceIgnoringSparks(), etc) : updated 10/15 , afternoon

Addressed during the week of 11/15/2008

  1. Some Monte Carlo studies exploring the observed nContEH effect: elog 148. pdf is first attachment
  2. I am exploring the possibility of some sort of diffusion effect, that would address both of the observed effects by looking at the raw FADC pulses: elog 150
  • Exploring a simple FADC pulse library to distinguish the differences between the mustop pulse shape based on the position in the tpc :[[][here]]
  • Reran ~ 4.5k runs from run11 with the new gondz definition included and Tim's neutron updates. These shrubs are available in /cfs/project/lqo/bkiburg/run11_4/treepass3/mta/ , with the .../treepass3/ds_201/mta/ through .../treepass3/ds_205/mta/ subdirectories having some links.
  • After discussions with Dave H. and Sara, it was decided Sara would process the data with CHUPS off during run11 to look for a further spread in the nContEH vs Y discrepancy. If this hypothesis is true, we can point the finger at some sort of recombination effect.
  • Peter W. asks for cvs update with new shrub additions (best entrance flag, HasBestEntranceIgnoringSparks(), etc) : Done

Addressed during the week of 11/22/2008

* Do we have the necessary information to overcome the missing Caen0 rollover clock problem?
    • Answer: Yes. Musc wfd was in the data stream early on, provides another handle on the raw CAEN data
  • Shipping 4 modules to PSI for MuSun run
  • Lots of NCSA Abe issues. Seems to have settled down, now have ~ 3/4 of the first shrub pass, should be done soon (will look at electron vector)
  • Start time scans using different gondola combinations : elog

Outstanding Tasks / Questions

  • Need to perform a monte carlo to understand the banks bump equivalent for the LESS mode

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