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-- BrendanKiburg - 08 Oct 2008

The idea here is to list open questions, outline the proposed method for answering the questions, and prioritize the tasks.

Questions Generated from recent teleconference

  • Do we have the necessary information to overcome the missing Caen0 rollover clock problem?
    • Answer: Yes. Musc wfd was in the data stream early on, provides another handle on the raw CAEN data
  • Shipping 4 modules to PSI for MuSun run *

Remain Open

Quality control

  • Put CAEN rollover check into the mu analysis, since area CAEN rollover signal was missing


  • PK asks for 20 min analysis summary presentation for 11/13/2008 to update people currently at PSI about the status of the analysis
  • Repeat the nExEL scan with a cut on the fit to the extra EL pointing/not pointing to the stop
    • This involves setting up some simple 2nd-level tracking to fit the extra pixels
    • Check auxptr and TTwoLine info in the mustop tree (for visualization on event display and observe available chi-square information)
  • Use the event display to examine nExEL >= 16. Are these scatters, sparks, something else?
  • Define the nExEL variable for nIslands > 1 (currently no extra EL pixel information is collected)
    • NExEL for island i = (nExEL - sum EL in all real islands)
    • Consider using IsNotAlone for cuts

Fit Result Stability

  • Dave suggets start time scan for midplane gondolas, without nContEH cut. If OEH mustops leak into 1EH mustops, this should disappear at some point and become stable.
  • Peter Winter suggests a similar stop time scan for downward going ones
  • I suggest adding up all upward going guys (1-3, 16->14) and looking for gondola variations
  • Check hypothesis that the decay modifies the nContEH part of the track by making requirements that the Michel is upward going (FIND LINK TO RESULT and POST ELOG)

Gondola z into shrub:

  • Dave suggests that making plots versus theta (or gondola z), rather than just phi
  • gond:dt:nContEH | angle of decay electron (upstream vs downstream)
  • gond:dt:nContEH | angle of decay elec | y_stop height


  • For sara: Given a small abs(theta), look to see if the nCont distribution is different for different y-slices
  • Compare the muplus fits to the muminus
    • i peter refines the 7-parameter fit
    • make use of the par-scan macros
  • make simple, spatial plots (x,y,z vs, nExEL, nContEH)
    • run shrub level [DONE]
    • add to the main mta analysis [NEED TO DO]

Addressed during week of 10/8/2008

  • make simple, spatial plots (x,y,z vs, nExEL, nContEH)
    • y vs nContEH : see this elog and this elog
  • Check hypothesis that the decay modifies the nContEH part of the track by making requirements that the Michel is upward going
    • lambda vs gondola | nContEH : see this elog and this elog

  • Use the event display to examine nContEH >= 8. Are these real or do they have funny topologies?
    • event display for nContEH >= 8: here
  • Resolve the difference between lambda vs nExEL | nContEH = 1 and lambda vs nCont = 1 | nExEL <=18
  • Determine how the head cut is stored
    • Answer: IsTrack() and other oneline fits, etc only stored when el_max - eh_max is small enough

Addressed during week of 10/15/2008

  • Double check the (y,z) distribution with nContEH ; also look at the y distribution where each z slice is normalized, to see if things are truly downward biased
    • Interesting results to both questions in this elog
  • I need to redo the shrubs where the z_electron is the z_tracked back to the tpc frame
    • First results for 1 file: elog
  • Response to Peter's elog estimating the lifetime deviation due to scatters: elog
  • Peter W. asks for cvs update with new shrub additions (best entrance flag, HasBestEntranceIgnoringSparks(), etc) : updated 10/15 , afternoon

Addressed during the week of 11/15/2008

  1. Some Monte Carlo studies exploring the observed nContEH effect: elog 148. pdf is first attachment
  2. I am exploring the possibility of some sort of diffusion effect, that would address both of the observed effects by looking at the raw FADC pulses: elog 150
  • Exploring a simple FADC pulse library to distinguish the differences between the mustop pulse shape based on the position in the tpc :[[][here]]
  • Reran ~ 4.5k runs from run11 with the new gondz definition included and Tim's neutron updates. These shrubs are available in /cfs/project/lqo/bkiburg/run11_4/treepass3/mta/ , with the .../treepass3/ds_201/mta/ through .../treepass3/ds_205/mta/ subdirectories having some links.
  • After discussions with Dave H. and Sara, it was decided Sara would process the data with CHUPS off during run11 to look for a further spread in the nContEH vs Y discrepancy. If this hypothesis is true, we can point the finger at some sort of recombination effect.
  • Peter W. asks for cvs update with new shrub additions (best entrance flag, HasBestEntranceIgnoringSparks(), etc) : Done

Outstanding Tasks / Questions

  • Need to perform a monte carlo to understand the banks bump equivalent for the LESS mode
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