-- PeterKammel - 20 Nov 2007

Dear analyzers,

Valodya's questions stimulated me to look at the overall analysis situation. Below I summarizes some current ideas for further general discussion within our overall analysis team:

Fred: Fred and I had a good discussion about summer plans and also about his analysis preferences and possibilities. His main interests and responsibilities are optimizing and understanding the neutron detector performance and upgrading the readout for his FADCs. As regards the full neutron physics analysis, he has to see how much time he really can invest.

Brendan: Next week Brendan and I will go through the exercise of defining the goal and schedule what should be analyzed before run 11 starts. In particular, we need to achieve a first production of run10 to see problems before we run again. Brendan will be the main person responsible for production.

Peter W. Peter has worked hard on the TPC FADC analysis of run8 and the inclusion of the new FADCs in run10. He is not quite done with the later. But very soon he will switch to mu+ analysis, because such an analysis will impact our priorities during run 11.

Sara: We are delighted that Sara joined the MuCap team for her PhD. thesis. As a first project she will work on preparing the pmup formation rate measurement for run 11. That involves both planning as well as analyzing relevant existing data.

Valodya: Valodya is interested in participating in MuCap analysis. A natural start would be the WFD analysis. He asks to define a specific physics goal for his analysis as additional motivation. He, like Fred, cannot predict his time commitment given his responsibility for Mulan. We have to see how it goes.

Peter: A little bit analysis, but not too much, I am afraid :-[ .

Misha: We have not heard from him since he left. Our hope is that he analysis the Ar time distributions independently and then become fully integrated during run 11.

Claude: Claude wants to get into the analysis. We have to find a way to ease the start-up difficulties for him.

Fred and I concurred that we should develop the tools required to obtain overview information before the next run. That means, within a month we should start a first test production. At that time the relevant modules for generating additional trees should be developed and tested.

Pragmatically I would suggest:

Fred: neutron detector analysis modules Brendan: all production updates, integration Peter W and Sara: FADC skimmers Peter W: specific mu+ modules Valodya: WFD analysis modules

Then Brendan will perform the production and you can specifically analyze "your" trees.

Fred, the Peters and Valodya will meet at PSI in early July. At that point we should discuss the separation of physics analysis tasks. Of course, it would be ideal to center the analysis tasks on the analysis modules you have developed. On the other hand, that might be too narrow an approach. The power of MuCap lies in the combined analysis of different systems and we should discuss to share the work such that all interesting physics topics are covered and the tools are only secondary.

Please just respond to the whole distribution list for an open discussion of these ideas. Of course, we will discuss it further individually as opportunities arise like the MuLan meeting at UKentucky.

With best regards


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