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Diffusion Monte Carlo


  • Study P_out functions more carefully and with md+d scattering
  • Generate time and radius functions with "full kinetics" and understand them
  • Study range of mp diffusion with different scenarios and compare to Adamczak
  • Check effect of high energy pm's generated during cascade


study condition Cd (ppm) statistics output analyzed with
mudh2n mud in H2 0. 1e9 run/test/h2n.root make_h2.C->h2n.root, c_pout.C, plot_t("h2n.root", pout.C++
mudHD mud in H2+D 122. 1e8 run/test/mudHD.root make_h2.C->mudHD.root, c_pout.C, plot_t("mudHD.root", pout.C++
mupHD mup in H2+D 1.5. 1e8 run/test/mupHD mupHD.C, time, radius
mupHDC mud in H2+D 122. 1e8 run/test/mupHDC mudHD.C, time, radius

P_out function and decay rates

Extracted from mudh2n and mudHD simulation and already included in latest time analysis note.

Full kinetics range and time

mp+p hfs scattering
md+d hfs scattering
md+p scattering
mp->md transfer
ppm formation is not included, but could be.

Summary: Results follow expectations and document main features of diffusion processes. In principle, these results could be used for moment method or 3 par fit. But I leave that to Brendan, because his simulation better accounts for impact parameter and detector resolution.

Production condition: mupHD



Calibration condition: mupHDC



Special pm+p diffusion studies

Some model distributions for testing Steve's reconstruction algorithm

For both topics see elog. Some thoughts on the efficiency differences and properties in Steve's formalism are collected here.

Technical notes

Simulation directory is /home/npl/kammel/mucap/Mucat/run/test Run Mucat on windows machine with MCK_2.bat mupHD

This creates output in directory mupHD. Analyze on the local directory. Copy make_h2 root files to test directory and continue with c_out.C etc. Completed studies saved as mupHD.tar.gz, for example.

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