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-- PeterKammel - 08 Apr 2009

p. 5: Alternative one can determine muon distribution as function of time as

f(z,t)= Integral[ g(z') rho(z-z',t) dz']

where g(z') is the accepted muon stopping distribution on anode i. It we define z=0 as the 2 mm upstream from the i anode, the time distributions would be

n_k=Integral[f(z,t) dz, {z, w*k, w*(k+1)}]

where k= -1,0,1.

So there is no detector resolution function, but the only fit parameters account for the shape of g(z).

This formulation should be compared.

p. 6 It is not clear to me why eps_-1 is not equal eps_+1 after summation.

p.8 The multi EVH analysis seems consistent, once one takes the mean z. What is the fraction of multi EVH ?

p.5: why does the figure capture say fit, is not that data?

p.16: the del Z= +-2 are a nice prediction, does that agree with the data?

Finally, what is the prediction for a del Y analysis, based on the neutron timing for the capture events?

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