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Program documentation


PeterW description of event display. However, when using it with

UseDisplayTrigger y
ShowEventDisplay 1
show_event_display n
Show_wfdDisplay 0

it hangs after first display event.

Turn off event display in odb, if not runing with -g flag.


Event display

# uncomment the next 3 lines ONLY if you are running the event display
#SOURCES += EventDisplayTrigger.C
#HEADERS += EventDisplayTrigger.h


56510, '2007-09-20 08:50:15', 'Y', 'mu-', 'protium', 1865, '-1.270', 'production - crate 7 died previous run'

  • run_mu 56510
    /data/npluser2/kiburg/midas_files/run56510.mid:1865 /data/npluser2/kammel/out56510.root:1825 events, 12929.08s
  • run_mta 56510
    Trend plot tree name = /data/npluser2/kammel/trend_tree56510.root
  • mu -g -i $INPUT/run56510.mid -o out56510.root -T tree56510.root
    • how to get Brendan's fance display: flags in Makefile
  • zero,~> module load mysqlguitools
    zero,~> mysql-query-browser
  • where are skimmed files, how to turn off/on

Data quality check

  • Noisy anodes

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