There are different definitions of sparks.

Global sparks

The classical are global sparks where we want to eliminate a larger time slice, to let the cahmbers recover. This are discussed in

247 Thu May 14 13:18:55 2009 Brendan Kiburg Analysis software Analysis Run 9-11 Spark cut mechanismThere are two primary ways that sparks
are handled in the current Illinois analysis
255 Tue May 19 18:58:36 2009 Brendan Kiburg Analysis software Analysis Run 9-11 post by Tom: Spark cut mechanism

258 Tue May 19 22:13:15 2009 Brendan Kiburg Analysis software Analysis Run 9-11 Spark cut mechanism
260 Wed May 20 18:39:31 2009 Brendan Kiburg Analysis software Analysis Run 9-11 Spark cut mechanism, total time cut
Here is a plot from a sample
run where 2342 blocks were analyzed.
266 Thu May 28 20:58:45 2009 Tom Banks Analysis software Analysis Run 9-11 post by Tom: Spark cut mechanism In my recent elog entry (#255)
addressing spark-cut-related questions posed
by Brendan (#247),

TPC "sparks"

287 Tue Jun 16 20:24:59 2009 Brendan Kiburg Tpc Pixel List Hurdle / Sparks / General StatisticsTPC PIXEL LISTS
During the preliminary examination
of the first few hundred files processed,
Here the story starts. Brendan finds a large spark fraction and significant data rejection in mu by rejectiing OR a1+a2+a3+a4
317 Tue Jul 28 10:05:31 2009 Peter Winter, Brendan Kiburg, David Hertzog, Fred Towards unblinding in DecemberIn order to bring back the focus on our aim
to try to push the analysis to hopefully
unblind in the middle of December, we yesterday
Historic elog, not spark related,let's study it.
359 Thu Sep 17 15:44:10 2009 Peter Kammel Overview MuCap AnalysisAttached is a first draft of an Overview
about the current MuCap Analysis. The main
purpose was to summarize many details of
ANother of these optimistic overviews, before we stumbled into the sparks.
380 Fri Oct 23 15:40:23 2009 Peter Winter Missing mu+ statisticsThis week, we finally observed the fact that
we are missing an enormous amount of muon
statistics for the mu plus data set (the
We also lose a lot of mu+ statistics with sparks.
381 Mon Oct 26 17:32:38 2009 Brendan Kiburg Spark CutOOld Rates (ProdMay09)
Previously, we
have observed that the statistics in ds_204
Effect of spark definition on good event statistics.
383 Thu Oct 29 11:57:25 2009 Brendan Kiburg Spark Cut
Since we reprocessed data set
204 (mu-_b1) , which previously was a significant
Here Brendan opens Pandora's box.
384 Tue Nov 3 09:05:11 2009 Brendan Kiburg Lifetime Scans vs datasetsWe Varied a few parameters to see if their
variation would resolve the various discrepancies
between datasets:
385 Tue Nov 3 09:23:50 2009 Brendan Kiburg Lambda vs individual run - sanity checkBefore we realized that the spark cut was
causing the large shift, Dave suggested looking
at the fits on a run by run basis to see
387 Tue Nov 3 16:05:05 2009 Brendan Kiburg Spark Cut
I am studying the event display
for spark images to understand what sort
Event display
388 Wed Nov 4 16:10:28 2009 Peter Kammel Spark Cut comments
Peter's early thoughts
389 437
anode hits vs musc
390 Thu Nov 5 14:38:33 2009 Peter Winter Lifetime spectra for sparky and spark-free events for dataset 204Since dataset 204 processed with ShrubsOct09
has the spark events in the shrub being flagged,
I created two lifetime spectra with an extended
Clear difference in lifetime spectra
392 Mon Nov 9 10:51:56 2009 Peter Winter, Brendan Kiburg Summary of the various fits * IN PROGRESSOver the past few weeks, we have investigated
many ideas and maybe it's time to try to
summarize in order to focus on a new road
393 Mon Nov 9 15:59:57 2009 Peter Winter Lifetime spectra for sparky and spark-free events for mu+Over the weekend, I processed the mu+ datasets
from ShrubsOct09 into the directory ShrubOct09 _spark_nosparks.
This study was motivated to see how spark
muplus spark/nospark
395 Tue Nov 10 15:07:26 2009 Brendan Kiburg anode 40 vs anode 1 Anode 40 wrt Anode 1
asked about the correlation between hits
on anode 40 and on anode 1 to probe my hypothesis
399 Wed Nov 11 14:11:20 2009 Peter Winter Lifetime spectra for sparky and spark-free events for mu+Here is now a similar analysis for the summed
muplus datasets +125A and -125A to the one
in eLog:396. However, the muplus was processed
400 Thu Nov 12 10:41:02 2009 Peter Winter Lifetime spectra for sparky and spark-free events for mu+[quote="Peter Winter"]I will now reprocess
the muplus shrubs so that we can sort into
sparks, no sparks AND hot anode removal on
401 Fri Nov 13 10:21:54 2009 Brendan Kiburg, Malte Hildebrandt TPC infoMalte sent this email to address our observations
about the TPC signals:
422 Fri Dec 4 15:21:45 2009 Peter Winter Fit results for ProdDec09 dataset 204After all the changes described by Brendan
in eLog:421, we ran ./mu and ./mta on a portion
of the dataset 204 to see the effect of the
424 Tue Dec 8 17:15:34 2009 Peter Winter, Brendan Kiburg New spark definition and lifetime effectThe new production allows us to vary our spark
definition in order to see if we somehow
can understand and control the discrepancy
425 Tue Dec 8 21:23:52 2009 Brendan Kiburg gond_only vs standard electron definitionWhile investigating the whole spark puzzle,
there are open questions as to whether the
pickup that we see on anodes 1-4 might also
426 Wed Dec 9 12:05:05 2009 Peter Winter New spark definition with relaxed muon stop definition and its lifetime effectTo see, if we could relax the muon definition
in order to bring the spark / no spark events
into alignment, I reran the histogramming
427 Wed Dec 9 14:02:48 2009 Peter Winter New spark definition and lifetime effect for dataset 203I did the same fits for a portion of the less
sparky dataset 203 and the fit reults are
shown in attachment 1. The ordering of the
428 Thu Dec 10 21:22:56 2009 Peter Winter, Brendan Kiburg, Peter Kammel December meeting UIUCHere, I'll try to select some eLog's that
we could go through for our meeting. A longer
summary is to be found in eLog:392.
430 Fri Dec 11 14:55:55 2009 Brendan Kiburg Updated search for spark / no-spark discrepancy in lambda plotsI reanalzyed part of the sparky mu- dataset
(ds_204) with various mustop definitions
in order to identify one where the spark/no-spark
432 Sat Dec 12 00:56:18 2009 Brendan Kiburg mustop definition
435 Mon Dec 14 11:30:57 2009 Peter Winter New spark definition and lifetime effectAfter the meeting, Peter and Brendan looked
at our old nExtraElow scans and realized,
that the change in lambda for nExtraElow==0
436 Mon Dec 14 17:42:43 2009 Peter Winter New spark definition and lifetime effectAs another follow up, I now selected events
into categories, where the electron is up
or down going wrt muon stop and where it
438 Thu Dec 17 11:20:01 2009 Brendan Kiburg New spark definition and lifetime effect, musc alone
439 Thu Dec 17 11:47:20 2009 Brendan Kiburg Quick isomuon checkI separated the 'isomuons' into spark and
no-spark subsets.
440 Thu Dec 17 17:38:11 2009 Brendan Kiburg Comparison of ds_a and ds_bPeter K has asked if there are any spark
indicators that might be different (or the
same) between dataset a and dataset
441 Fri Dec 18 10:58:41 2009 Brendan Kiburg Comparison of ds_a and ds_b
In the drift region (anodes
5-39), I divided ds_b by ds_a
442 Fri Dec 18 11:00:32 2009 Peter Winter Noise evolution with FADC
447 Tue Jan 5 13:47:38 2010 Brendan Kiburg spark/no-spark run 10 and run11Over the break I ran a few hundred run
10 files to check the spark/no-spark results.
I grabbed some files in ds103 and processed
453 Tue Jan 12 14:57:50 2010 Brendan Kiburg anode - musc
We wanted to study if the oscillations
propagate to the other wires in the body
454 Tue Jan 12 16:53:58 2010 Peter Winter New spark definition and lifetime effectDuring the collaboration meeting, it was requested
to divide the spark sector A region into
more time slices. For that, we have added
455 Wed Jan 13 12:01:09 2010 Brendan Kiburg Comparison of sparkanodes - musc ,mustop, isomuon
We also wanted to examine the
isomuons to understand the relative size
456 Thu Jan 14 10:24:39 2010 Brendan Kiburg sparks in pileup/isolated muon eventsIn grasping at final straws on the spark
issue, we wondered if spark hits were somehow
more likely to occur with pileup events than
457 Thu Jan 14 11:19:13 2010 Peter Winter Can we find a better spark definition based on the anodes 5-73?We were discussing, if we can find another
spark definition using the good anodes' information
(i.e. the anodes with gain). For that, I
459 Fri Jan 15 12:00:09 2010 Peter Winter New spark definition and lifetime effectTim asked me to also show ratio or difference
plots of the various spark cut regions. For
the beginning, I chose the most extreme cases
461 Fri Jan 15 15:27:28 2010 Peter Winter Correlation of spark pixels with electron trackTo follow the idea of looking for a correltaion
of the sparks with the electrons, I ran one
complete run and for each muon-electron pair

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