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Record of mu compilation on musun1 computer, 9/18/09



  • Difficulties with midas make, changed LIBS += $(MYSQL_LIBS) -lz to LIBS += $(MYSQL_LIBS) -lz-lssl, see also
    musun1,midas> mysql_config --libs
    -L/usr/lib64/mysql -lmysqlclient -lz -lcrypt -lnsl -lm -L/usr/lib64 -lssl -lcrypto
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH += $MIDAS_ROOT/linux/lib, PATH += $MIDAS_ROOT/linux/bin changed to linux64 on musun1


  • compress: changed linux to linux64 in Makefile
  • mu: changed d5-lib link in Makefile

Warning: multiple ambiguous inheritance TObject and TTwoLineSeg. Cint will not get correct base object address rootcint: symbol lookup error: rootcint: undefined symbol: _ZN4Cint17G__DataMemberInfoC1ERNS_12G__ClassInfoE make: * [MucapEventDict.cpp] Error 127 rm MMuSCAnalysisMQL.mql MMuSCMakeIneff1MQL.cpp MGeneralSkimmerMQL.cpp MMuSCAnalysisMQL.cpp MMuSCMakeIneff1MQL.mql MRolloverCheckMQL.cpp

  • I changed to: module load root/5.22.00 and it compiled.


  • Finally I tried to compile mta, and failed with the missing ExElow, see below

rootcint -f Dictionary.cpp -c -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Display -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Raw -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Muon -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Electron -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Example -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Clustering -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/MuonElectron/ -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Lifetime -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Calibration -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/DisplayTrigger -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Spark -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Francoise -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Efficiencies -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Background -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Fadc -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/HotWires -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/EventTree -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/macros/EventTree/src -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Fadc -I/home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/../uky -DNOMUPC2 -DUIUCTREEANA -DEPCSTUDY -DRUN9 -DCDEB TMuonScatterInfo.h TSecondMuonTrack.h NeutronEvent.h LinkDef.h Limitation: cint can not accept more than 40 function arguments /home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/Parameters.h:391: Error: link requested for unknown class ExElowEvent /home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/macros/EventTree/src/LinkDef.h:10: Error: link requested for unknown class ExElowPixel /home/kammel/mucap/2009/mu/src/uiuc/macros/EventTree/src/LinkDef.h:11:Warning: Error occurred during reading source files Warning: Error occurred during dictionary source generation
  • Brendan adviced:

    Dear peter,
    This problem occurs because there are some new changes in peter winter's Makefile that are not in cvs. Please add the non-user specific changes in
    ~winter/MuCap/mu/work/Makefile. If you only copy his Makefile you will need to add some environment variables to make it work. Regards,Brendan
    from my mobile

  • I used PeterW Makefiles both for mu and mta, redefined my installs to installation for compatibility and the compilation worked ok
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