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Draft MuSun proposal

For editing the proposal you have to use the use the CVS repository. You need an UIUC account for that, so probably we should only have one user per collaborating institution. Misha would be the PNPI contact person. Anders has already set this up for USC

Status updates

Proposal Gantt Project

Proposal Related Information

  • UIUC Jan meeting info, frozen at this point
  • Planned Studies for Proposal (or at least PAC presentation)

Topic Convener Issues
Neutron detectors Tim Kinetics monitoring and physics measurements / Efficiencies, rates, geometries
Muon Stop definition Valodja, Peter, Bernhard MC generate energy signals of muons and reconstruct stop properties: eLogs: Simul, Display
Fusion effects Peter, Valodya Do fusions after mustop distort e time spectra: eLog 11
TPC granularity Peter Summery of design considerations, pad1, pad2, pad3
Impurities, Tracks Peter&Peter, CHUPS et al. Purity requirements and purity monitoring
muSR Tim In proposal: \mu d MSR effects in kinetics and sys discussion
Neutrino note Fred Start with presentation, additions by others, communicate Baha, Hamish

Additional points

  • Emphasize that experiment builds on major MuCap/MuLan investment in technology, technique and analysis culture.
  • Mention that collaboration is actively looking for additional groups. Without European groups we have a problem
    with ISTC. Bernhard had some suggestions within the EU context.
  • We need students. Pad plane design, kinetics studies, Monte Carlo, electrostatics etc would be good start projects.

Responsibilities for Proposal Sections

I am ranking the drafts from 0-5.

sections responsible status request
1 Beam Requirements Claude, Bernhard
draft0 finish
2 Questions of safety Claude, Bernhard
draft0 finish
3 Physics Motivation USC, Peter
draft1 Peter has to comment
4 Muon Capture on the Deuteron

4.1 Theory draft1 Peter has to comment
4.2 Experiment draft1
4.3 Status of Basic Muon Capture Reactions
need draft0
4.4 L1A extraction
need draft0
5 Experimental Strategy
5.1 Overview draft3
5.2 Kinetics draft3 Tim include MSR
Optimization of the Target Conditions draft2 Tim, Valodja include fits
6 Experimental Setup
6.1 Cryogenic TPC draft0 from PNPI
6.2 Cryogenics and Gas system draft0 from PNPI
6.3 Detectors Peter, Tim, Dave
need draft0
6.4 Electronics and Data Acquisition
Statistics and Systematics
7.1 Statistics and Rates draft2
7.2 Systematics
7.2.1 Clean Muon Stop Peter, Valodya
need draft0
7.2.2 Chemical Gas purity Sasha, Marat
7.2.3 Isotopic Gas purity Sasha short statement
7.2.4 Hyperfine transition + 3He capture very brief as discussed above
7.2.5 Fusion Processes Peter need draft0
7.2.6 md Polarization
need draft0
8 Measuring Program
8.1 Stage 1 . draft0
8.2 Stage 2 draft0
Budget Draft
Time Line
Request to PSI
First Beam Request
Appendix: Additional Physics Opportunities

Old Information, superseded by text above

Beam Requirements

Claude, Bernhard

Safety Sheet

Bernhard, Claude

Physics Motivation (5)

Anders, FredM , Kuniharu


Benchmark Electroweak Reaction on the Deuteron

Calibration of Fundamental Astrophysics Reactions

Additional Impact

Peter, Kuniharu

Muon Capture on the Deuteron (4)


Anders, Fred, Kuniharu



Status of Basic Muon Capture Reactions

Peter, Anders, FredM, Kuniharu PICK? Here we also should summarize the MuCap status, so that the committe knows about the progress.

L1A extraction

Bernhard, Peter, consider theoretical uncertainties

Experimental Strategy (5)



Kinetic Simulations

Peter, Evgenny Here we need dedicated studies.
  • Kinetic uncertainties for different target scenarios
  • How far can we get with MuCap conditions

Experimental Setup (10)

Cryogenic TPC

Alexei, Evgenny, Sacha, Peter
  • Pad plane and many issues PICK
  • Monte Carlo of signals, pictures from HD run

Cryogenics and Gas system

Sacha, many issues PICK


Peter, Dave, *replace PM of eSC? X ray detector for impurity? Enough electronics for ePC cathodes?* Role of neutron detectors, Tim

Electronics and Data Acquisition

Fred, Genna, Tim, Rob?

Statistics and Systematics (10)


Peter Emphasize doublet population


Brendan, please check MuCap part of table

Clean Muon Stop
Resolution, Monte Carlo response, Bernhard

Gas Purity Sasha, Dave

Fusion Processes Peter, PNPI

Measuring Program (3)

Stage 1

Peter et al

Stage 2

Peter et al.

Organization (4)


Peter, all

Budget Draft

Dave, all

Time Line


Request to PSI


References (3)

Appendix (2)

Additional Physics Opportunities

Tim, Bernhard, Peter, Evgenny PICK?

Special studies and Tasks

*Below is the proposal skeleton. I tentatively assigned names to convener of the various parts. Suggestion for overall editors: Dave and Peter.*

*The symbol PICK indicates that a little study/writeup documented in a note or webpage would be helpful to present the information, in addition to the proposal text.*


As regards specific topics I would suggest:
topic think about
kinetics studies PICK
see below
residual mud polarization in stage 1 PICK
long shot asymmetry measurement in capture process PICK
high energy Dalitz plot region Tim, Bernhard
what can we learn from neutrons, setup, statistics, MC PICK Tim
full FADC readout PICK
Fred, Tim, Rob?
impurity detection with capture PICK
Dave, Peter
Monte Carlo of proposed set-up PICK
Bernhard, but needs help in the long run, Dave?
Beam and geomtry optimization MC PICK
Dave, Bernhard
electrostatic simulation help Dave ?
Pad plane design PICK
undergrad, Peter
physics motivation PICK?
Anders, Fred, Kuniharu

kinetics studies

*Peter K has prepared a Mathemetica notebook and a study which present the formalism. The formalism should be checked by Claude and our Gatchina friends. The study also includes numerical sensitivity estimates which already are included in the present proposal release. Steve will check this calculation using a different formalism developed for his thesis. What remains to be done is a Monte Carlo generation of the distributions and fit with different fit ranges and background. Also the specific capture neutron and fusion distributions should be analyzed. The questions include:*

  • influence of kinetics parameters at phi=0.01, T=300 and phi=0.05, T=30.
  • What additional kinetics information can we get from fusion and capture neutrons. Can we perform the experiment at phi=0.01, T=300?
  • Can we measure Rq/Rd from the neutron time distribution, which precision and statistics.
  • The above mentioned polarization observables.

*Sara will provide the function for the time distributions as a root TF1. Dave volunteered to perform the MC generation and fits. Tim is interested in studying what can be learned from the neutrons.*

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